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5 Star Review BogartN 08/20/2012

I recently closed down an office space for a television production and Mary came in and guaranteed his price would beat his competitors (which it did by $20 &$70 respectively). He was so helpful, on time, courteous, and an all around pleasure to work with. I cannot say enough good things about this company and their work. Please do not hesitate to hire this company.

5 Star Review StanKirby 09/11/2012

My husband and I were moving out of state and needed to clear out a large amount of junk accumulated in our house and garage over 14 years: old furniture, TV’s, magazines, plastic containers past their prime, dirty old camping equipment, and almost everything else one can accumulate in their basement. We booked the appointment with them and they came and hauled all of our stuff out of the house; we just stood back and watched–well worth the money! They were very polite, professional, arrived on time and managed to pack an amazing amount of stuff in their truck (we filled an entire truck). I would highly recommend them to anyone, whether for a small job of a couple items or a large job like ours.


5 Star Review JonahHexMark 11/13/2012

It was so refreshing to work with a company that was reliable, friendly, neat in appearance and I felt safe to let into my house. I was really pleased with the service I received and I would use them again with no hesitation.


5 Star Review BernardoBarrios 12/04/2012

I had never used a junk removal company before but I am really glad that I did this time. I never knew there was companies that did this, this one was great and I am clutter free.. A- 1 Rating !!!!


5 Star Review MinaMa 09/18/2012

They guys that showed up were on time and very professional. They did an excellent job and were very quick removing my old cabinets. Thank you

5 Star Review VladG 12/13/2012

I had trouble finding a quality and affordable Junk Removal Company until I found out about Green Clean. Not only was it affordable but the customer service was awesome. The junk removers left the place immaculate and treated everything I was moving as if it were fragile. I give my strongest recommendation for these guys, the BEST!!! Thanks Green Clean!


5 Star ReviewDiane Crosby 12/14/2012

I’ve hired Green Clean for a number of jobs already and this is the first time I’m posting a review about them. They’ve been absolutely wonderful in getting rid of my various junk and trash in my garage, attic, remodeling debris. From your initial call to Mary to the guys that come over, everything just works out perfectly. Their prices ain’t bad too!

5 Star Review Joan Hart 12/13/2012

Very good help. These guys were quick and efficient removing my junk! They were very friendly and professional. After removing all my unwanted items from my home, they finished by cleaning all the area! I highly recommended Green Clean Junk Removal!


5 Star ReviewTony.B 12/12/2012

I moved out of my apartment and had a lot of trash and old household items that I no longer need. I called a junk removal company for pickup and they came the next day. They were punctual, neat appearance, great attitude, and hard working. I would recommend them to anyone.


5 Star ReviewGDarwin01 12/12/2012

Great Company with employees that reflect the company’s standards and professionalism. Fair pricing and efficient loaders. Would recommend for anyone needing these services to look no farther.


5 Star ReviewAnon 12/13/2012

Very good help. These guys were quick and efficient removing my junk! They were very friendly and professional. After removing all my unwanted items from my home, they finished by cleaning all the area! I highly recommended Green Clean Junk Removal!


5 Star ReviewMorgan T. 12/14/2012

I did a complete kitchen remodel for my Mom including appliances, I could not rent a dumpster so I had to find someone who could come and haul it away. A friend of my Mom gave her a number to a junk removal company. We called got an appointment and the guys came on time. They were fast and knew exactly how to make everything fit. My Mom was very happy when everything was out of the her driveway and back yard, they even broom swept the driveway. I would highly recommend this company.


5 Star Review Milakque Ronjue 12/20/2012

My previous tenant left tons of junk in everywhere, after seeing the reviews, I decided to call Green Clean for estimate, they gave the estimate, showed on time and removed everything, they were very professional and polite, the whole process was simple and smooth, I will use them again, highly recommend Green Clean Junk Removal!


5 Star ReviewBree T. 12/21/2012

My husband tore out our patio made out of asphalt and he needed it removed so he could have the pavers delivered. I googled Junk removal and found a company that could come out that afternoon and haul it away. We were very impressed with the guys and the company. They were great, we would use this company again.


5 Star ReviewBrent Bones 12/21/2012

I have a gift shop and I was moving to a new location and needed to have all the junk hauled away quickly. I searched online and found a company that could come the next day. They came and got everything removed in about 2 hours. The crew was extremely professional and knew how to get everything on the truck. I was quoted a price over the phone and that is what I paid. I was very pleased with the service I received and highly recommend this company.