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If you have useless items, junk and clutter that are taking space but you don’t know how to get rid of–Start today! Green Clean Junk Removal in Redlands, CA is here to remove your junk away so you can have a clean fresh start tomorrow. We provide junk and hauling services throughout the Riverside area. Green Clean Junk Removal in Redlands, can help you clear out the attic, clear the garage, your backyard and many more.


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Green Clean Junk Removal Redlands!


What We Offer

For Home

    • Household Junk Removal
    • Furniture Removal
    • Appliance Removal
    • Mattress Removal
    • Garbage Removal
    • Trash Removal
    • Garage Clean Out
    • Backyard Clean Out

    For Business

    • Commercial Junk Removal
    • E-Waste Recycling
    • Computer Monitor Disposal
    • Office Clean Outs
    • Construction Debris Hauling
    • Hauling Services
    • Bobcat Services
    • Event Trash Pick Up

    How It Works

    Green Clean Junk Removal Services provides junk removal and hauling services to every part of Redlands, California. We provide fast service, professional drivers, and affordable rates. Green Clean Junk Removal Services does all the work. All you have to do is point.

    When you call 888-347-2851 you’ll receive a free phone estimate based on the amount of junk you need hauled away. Our friendly customer service staff will set you up with an appointment. Green Clean Junk Removal Services will dispatch a truck to your location and our junk haulers will haul away all your unwanted junk.

    Easy. Simple. Fast. Affordable.

    That is Green Clean Junk Removal Services.


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    We Take & Recycle All Your Junk