Bed Bugs, Junk Removal, and You

Bed Bugs, Junk Removal, and You

Close to 60% of Los Angeles is a renter and a large percentage of those renters rent apartments. Bed bugs have become a growing nuisance for homeowners that live in Los Angeles. Recently my neighbor came back from a film festival in New York City and somewhere in his luggage was a group of stowaway bed bugs. Within a few weeks our entire building in Hollywood was overrun by bed bugs. It was a nightmare. 

Our building management exterminated multiple times and I personally ended up throwing away an entire bed set. My neighbor, who we lovingly named Patient Zero, had it even worse. He ended up hauling away almost all his old furniture and anything that had a cushion. When I had the bed set hauled away I called a junk removal service. And, yes, it was Green Clean Junk Removal Service. 

When I booked my appoint I told our dispatch that I had bed bugs and that I need the mattress and furniture wrapped in plastic before it was hauled away. 


Bed bugs are notoriously stuff sons of guns to kill. There eggs are small and tough and the can pile up in the dark corners and crevices. If you carry out bed bug contaminated furniture and don’t wrap it in plastic beforehand those eggs can shake loose from the furniture. Those eggs land on your carpet and soon you begin the bed bug infestation all over again.

So when you are getting rid of a mattress, bedding, of furniture that has been infested by bed bugs wrap it up before you toss it away. Or hire a junk hauling company like Green Clean Junk Removal Service to dispose of your bed bug infested furniture for you.

Green Clean Junk Removal Services provides junk removal and junk hauling services to the Los Angeles and New York areas.



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