Fire and Hoarding

Fire and Hoarding

Hoarding isn’t just a mental illness that destroy people’s lives, hoarding is a condition that destroys homes and kills. Hoarding can transform a beautiful home into a fire trap in a matter of months. When we clean out a hoarder home we commonly find newspapers and magazines stacked four feet high, mixed in with piles of paints and other hazardous chemicals. All it takes is a wrong spark and a hoarder’s home can turn into a uncontrollable inferno.

Think these risks are overhyped? This story comes from WPXI in Pittsburgh:


Firefighters battled smoke and flames at an abandoned store front late Thursday night in Homewood.

The fire was reported at a building on Frankstown Avenue about 11:30 p.m.

Assistant Fire Chief Thomas Cook said garbage and other junk inside the building made it difficult for crews to extinguish the flames.

“It looked like hoarding conditions, therefore we kept all the firefighters out and attacked the fire from the outside,” Cook said.


If you know someone who is hoarding, try to get them help as soon as possible. Green Clean Junk Removal Services provides hoarders junk removal.

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