Jeremy Irons is Sick of Your Trash

Jeremy Irons is Sick of Your Trash

Jeremy Irons is Sick of Your Trash

Despite years of ongoing education about the dangers of a world buried in trash Americans still throw out massive amounts of materials that should be recycled and we waste tons of food per year. The United States should be recycling about 90% of its trash. Instead we recycle about a third of that. 

Now actor Jeremy Irons is trying to bring attention to the problem of trash. In his new documentary “Trashed” Jeremy irons is trying to raise awareness about trash removal and sound the alarm before our future is buried in a wave of garbage past. 



“I wanted to make a documentary about something which I thought was important and which was curable,” he said. “It’s not rocket science. It takes a little effort, it takes a little thought. It takes a little education. I think most people want to do what is right. But they need a bit of organization. 

“We make everybody wear seatbelts now. That was a bore, wasn’t it? But we do it, and we don’t think about it anymore. Very simple to do the same with how we deal with our garbage.”


Jeremy Irons is bringing a much needed voice to our fight against trash and garbage. We all could be recycling more and throwing away a lot less. And Green Clean Junk Removal Services applauds Irons for his efforts. 

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