Junk Removal Services Vs. Dumpster Rental

Junk Removal Services Vs. Dumpster Rental

Before the advent of junk removal services, like Green Clean Junk Removal Services, the only way to clear out a large amount of trash, rubbish, or garbage from a house was to rent a dumpster. Dumpster rental is still popular but in most cases dumpster rental is simply the wrong choice.

In Los Angeles and New York City dumpster rental is tightly regulated. In almost every section of Los Angeles, for instance, a person cannot put a dumpster on the street without a costly permit. In certain neighborhoods in Los Angeles you won’t be able to rent a dumpster at all unless its from a city’s sanctioned waste management company (these are called franchised areas). These dumpster can be very very pricey and still require you to do all your own junk removal.

Using a junk removal service cuts through all this red tape. Green Clean Junk Removal Services comes to your house with a truck and two guys. Our junk removal pros dispose of the junk you want gone and haul it away. We do all the work and we handle all the disposal.

Green Clean Junk Removal Services spares you the headaches of dumpster rental and the labor of cleaning up.  


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