Organizing Tips

Organizing Tips

Green Clean Junk Removal can help you haul away junk or trash, but you’re the one that needs to maintain a clutter free life after we’ve gone. So how do you stay clutter free and organized? Organization is pretty easy once you get started.

Develop a routine… Routines aren’t the sexiest thing in the world but developing a routine can keep you sane. Also routines can help you stay organized and healthy. If you maintain a routine things like working out or doing laundry just become part of your daily life. “It’s 6am, time to work out. It’s 6pm time to make dinner. Its Sunday, time to do laundry.” If you stick to a routine for a month you will be more organized (and probably fitter) than you ever have been. 

Make a To Do List … Lists are an easy way to organize everything you have to do in a day. No more forgetting to go to the grocery store or putting off oil changes for your car. Write  down everything you need to do and you’ll never wonder, What was it I had to do today?

Invest in Organizing Solutions for Your Home … There are a lot of great organizing solutions for your home and apartment. Most of these organizing aren’t expensive and actually help you free up space. Some organizing solutions, like shoe trees and proper suit hangers, can help you maintain valuable clothes and items longer.

Buy Only What You Need … In today’s consumer culture we are constantly tempted and harangued into buyings things we don’t need and we won’t use. Stop the cycle of pointless consumer spending. Buy only what you need. When you buy new stuff, make room by throwing out old items you don’t need.

If you follow these tips living clutter free is easy. And living clutter free means you will live a happier, simpler life.

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