Production Office Clean Out

Production Office Clean Out

Production Office Clean Out

If you’re a unit production manager or production coordination in film or television you face challenges on a day to day basis. You’ve no doubt dealt with everything from broken down trucks and a cranky crew to location and permit issues. One challenge that comes with every film production (especially indie film production) is production office break down and clean up. 

Three months (or six months or even a year or more) of pre-production and production can leave any office space looking like a war zone. So who do you call when you need a production office cleaned up and broken down? 

Green Clean Junk Removal Services, of course. 

We’re centrally located in film production friendly cities like New York and Los Angeles. And we have years of experience providing junk removal and trash removal services to the film and television industry. Green Clean Junk Removal Service’s provides an office clean out service that can be customized to fit your budget.

So if you are a producer, unit production manager, or production coordinator and need help cleaning out a production office call Green Clean Junk Removal Services today. Call 888-347-2851 


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