Some Things to Think About When Shopping

Some Things to Think About When Shopping

Clutter starts in the most innocent ways. It’s the extra toaster your girlfriend brings with her when she moves in, or the kids toys you don’t want to part with and instead box up and place in a garage, and it frequently starts when we go to the store. For better and for worse we live in a consumer culture, wherever we go, we are surrounded by invitations to buy, buy, and buy some more. Slick advertising turns things we want into things we need, stuff we just got to have. But do we really need all that stuff?

Probably not, is my default answer. We really don’t need half the things we tell ourselves we need. We just want it, or fall into the Madison Avenue trap of thinking that its something we’ve got to have because …. X.

So an essential part of stopping clutter before its starts is asking yourself, Do I need this? Will I use this?  What Should I Get Rid of to Make Way for this New Thing? 

Personally, if I buy new jeans for instance, I am going to give away an old pair to charity. I don’t need an old pair and a new pair of jeans, but someone somewhere else probably could use my old jeans. The same goes for more mundane items like silverware, plates, and appliances.

Buying only what you need and constantly churning through the old items you don’t need in your life is a time honored strategy for fighting and winning the battle against clutter.

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