Some Thoughts on Keeping Los Angeles Clean 03/14/2013

Some Thoughts on Keeping Los Angeles Clean 03/14/2013

If you get into the business of junk removal and trash pick up you do it because you have a passion for cleanliness. You have a drive to keep your neighborhood and city clean. You have a passion for preserving the environment by reducing trash and recycling. You are the kind of person that sees a piece of trash on the street and picks it up.

That is the kind of person that works for Green Clean Junk Removal. We are people with a passion for keeping the City of Los Angeles clean. But we cannot do it alone. Green Clean Junk Removal needs your help to keep Los Angeles clean.

Here are some things you can do to help Green Clean Junk Removal keep the city of Los Angeles clean.

- Do Not Drag Your Junk to the Curb

Too many people in Los Angeles leave old junk on the curbside. When the chair breaks or the television gets replaced the common wisdom is drag it to the curb and let someone else deal with it. This leads to a lot of unsightly junk in the streets of Los Angeles. Not to mention it provides a home to vermin and pests. 

Call a junk removal service to haul away your bulky items and junk instead. Green Clean Junk Removal Services hauls away just about any type of bulky item. We also try to recycle as many of these items as we can, and we make sure that the junk Green Clean can’t recycle gets disposed of properly.

- Do Not Litter 

This has been common knowledge since the mid-1960s, but far too many people still litter. Both in Los Angeles and across the United States. So when you are finished with that can of soda find a garbage can and throw it away. Or better yet, save it and put it in a proper recycling receptacle.

Also beware of the small things that generate a lot of litter. For instance, every time you valet a car in Los Angeles, a valet will slip a tiny piece of paper under the windshield wipe so they can find your car again. A lot of times a valet will forget to remove that paper slip. The paper flies away and lands in the street. That small slip of paper doesn’t seem like much but multiple it by hundreds or thousands of tiny paper slips and you have a real problem. Think of how much litter you could stop by taking the extra minute and removing that paper valet slip from under your windshield.

- Recycle

Luckily the city of Los Angeles has made it pretty easy to recycle. Most homeowners have a blue recycle bin or can request one from the city. Many apartment building now offer either individual or community recycling bins. If your apartment building doesn’t have recycling talk to your apartment manager of building management company about getting a blue recycle bin. 

If worse comes to worse you can always take your recyclables down to a neighborhood recycling center. 

- Use Reusable Grocery Bags

Los Angeles County recently banned disposable grocery bags, although they have yet to disappear from most grocery stores yet. Get ahead of the curve and start using reusable grocery bags today.

Most of the trash I see on the streets of Hollywood and Sherman Oaks consists of plastic grocery bags. If every would start using reusable grocery bags today this type of trash and garbage would disappear within a week. 

Also using reusable grocery bags helps cut down our National oil consumption. Yep, it does! Guess what all those plastic bags are made out of? Petroleum. Fewer plastic bags, means less oil consumed in the long run.

Most grocery stores sell reusable grocery bags for 99 cents or less. Some stores may give you a slight discount with every grocery purchase when you use reusable grocery bags. So using reusable grocery bags saves you money too.

Green Clean Junk Removal Services is here to keep Los Angeles and New York clean. That is why we offer world class junk removal and trash pick up. But we can’t do it by ourselves. Help us out!

March 14, 2013

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