The Horrors of Hoarding

The Horrors of Hoarding

Green Clean Junk Removal Services recently completed a clean out and junk removal for a hoarder in Santa Monica. You can watch our junk removal specialist provide some insights into our hoarder’s clean out service here

Hoarding has gotten a lot of attention in the past couple of years thanks to reality television. But Green Clean Junk Removal Services has been dealing with the problem of hoarding for years. We have worked with landlords, family members, and hoarders in treatment to clean up a hoard pile in a home. 

Hoarding is a serious mental condition that affects everyone that comes in contact with a hoarder. Hoarding ruins relationships, ruins lives, and can destroy a home or an apartment. When used in conjunction with treatment and therapy, our hoarders junk removal service helps those suffering from hoarding disorders regain control of their lives. Green Clean Junk Removal Services can clean out a hoarder’s home and return it to a livable state.

Green Clean Junk Removal Services also offers these specialized hoarder clean out services to landlords who recently had to evict a tenant for hoarding.

If you suspect a friend, loved one, or tenant is hoarding we strongly encourage you to talk openly and frankly about their hoarding problem. And encourage them to seek treatment. Untreated hoarding only gets worse with time.


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