The Problem With Illegal Dumping

The Problem With Illegal Dumping

Los Angeles has always had a dumping problem. The common wisdom has always been, Eh, just drag it to the curb. You drive down just about any street in Los Angeles and you’ll see trash on the side of the road. Televisions, furniture, and couches all hauled out to the curb. Sometimes these items do get picked up by scavengers but most of the time it falls to either the city or a private hauling service to haul away junk on the curve.

But junk and trash on the street makes our city look like, well, trash. Trash and junk discarded in the street drive down the quality of life for everyone in Los Angeles. Junk also represents a real hazardous for kids and pets. Do you want your children playing in a side yard littered with broken televisions and weeds? Do you want to walk your dog at 5 AM along a sidewalk covered in broken wood and abandoned shopping carts? No, and I don’t either. 

So when you need to dispose of old junk, clutter, furniture, and appliance do it in a environmentally friendly and responsible way. Hire a junk removal service, a junk hauling service, or request a bulky item pick up from the city of Los Angeles.

Green Clean Junk Removal  Services offers junk removal, junk hauling, and bulky item pick up. Call today for a free phone estimate and to book a junk removal. We can do most junk removals same day. Call 888-347-2851 

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