Tips for Spring Cleaning and Getting Rid of Junk

Tips for Spring Cleaning and Getting Rid of Junk

The weather is getting warmer and you are probably looking around your house or apartment, and thinking, I really need to clean up but …. And that is where good thoughts and intentions go to die. Don’t modify your sentence this Spring. Drop the “But” and say, I really need to clean up AND I will clean up. 

Decluttering and getting rid of junk can be an emotional process. We get attached to our possessions and we make excuses for keeping them. No, I am really really going to use that egg poacher I got as a Christmas gift in 1972. Any day now. I am going to use it. 

Professional organizers and junk hauling services like Green Clean Junk Removal Services have been dealing with the process of decluttering and simplifying people’s possessions for years. We have a few tried and true strategies you can use for getting rid of household junk.

  • Get rid of duplicates. Whenever I move in with a new girlfriend, or a new girlfriend moves in with me you know what I can I always bet on? Two toasters and two coffee makers. Barring a crippling addiction to caffeine, no one needs two coffee makers in their lives. So make a concerted effort to get rid of the duplicates and “back ups” in your life.
  • Ask yourself, do you need this? Its a good question to have in your mind both when you are cleaning and throwing stuff away, and when you are buying new stuff. We often fool ourselves into keeping stuff we never use by saying, Oh I’ll use it one day. Or I might need this someday. When in reality we never will use it and we never need it. 
  • When you are cleaning start small and go slow. People often get disheartened with cleaning and junk removal, then give up. Why? Because they try to clean everything in one day and then get discouraged. Start small and give yourself plenty of time to clean up. Junk was not collected in a day and junk removal doesn’t always take a day.
  • Make Three Piles. As you are cleaning make three piles. Things to keep, things to donate, and things to throw away. Make the keep pile the smallest.
  • When you donate, donate.  People often pull together a large amount of stuff and say, All I need to do is take it down to the Goodwill. And it never gets taken to the Goodwill. So when you make your donate pile, make the trip to your charity of choice on the same day.

If you need help call Green Clean Junk Removal Services. We’re junk removal professionals and we are here to help.


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