Trash Vortex Found in the Great Lakes

Trash Vortex Found in the Great Lakes

As you might already know there is a giant garbage patch, more commonly known as a Trash Vortex, in the Pacific Ocean. This garbage patch is a concentration of marine debris that pops up from time to time in the center of the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean garbage patch are where small plastic debris accumulates and form plastic colonies on the ocean’s surface. These trash vortexes or garbage patches can be as large as the state of Texas.

Now researchers have found trash vortexes in the Great Lakes. 

According to The Atlantic:

 Lorena Rios-Mendoza, an oceanographer at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, is one of the scientists who’ve plunged the polluted depths of American lakes. Her team recently sampled sections of Lake Erie – which can’t seem to catch a break these days, what with its mercury infection and rashes of poisonous algae – and discovered that the water’s been invaded by great quantities of microplastics mostly smaller than grains of rice. Specifically, they measured concentrations between 1,500 and 1.7 million particles per square mile, which is 24 percent greater than what they found in the Atlantic Ocean’s debris field.

 These trash vortexes can harm marine life. Birds and fish frequently die from eating indigestible  plastics. Marine life either dies from intestinal blockages caused by plastics or starvation because ingesting plastic can create a false sense of satiation in animals.

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