What Exactly is E-Waste and How Do You Get Rid of It?

What Exactly is E-Waste and How Do You Get Rid of It?

E-waste, sometimes called electronic waste, is a term applied to consumer and business electronics that is no longer used or nearing the end of its life. E-Waste is a general term that may or may not cover different products. Generally the term e-waste refers to electronics like computers, computer monitors, cell phones, and tablets. 

From Greenpeace.org:

Electronic waste (e-waste) now makes up five percent of all municipal solid waste worldwide, nearly the same amount as all plastic packaging, but it is much more hazardous. Not only developed countries generate e-waste; Asia discards an estimated 12 million tons each year.

How do you get rid of e-waste? There are a couple of different ways to dispose of e-waste. For instance, several companies have trade-in programs for cell phones and tablets. Using these trade-in programs keeps your phone out of the landfill and puts money back into your pocket. Apple, Amazon, and several other major companies offer trade-in programs for electronics.

Your city probably offers drop off centers for e-waste. For instance, LA DPW offers free Electronic Waste Collection Events  in different parts of the county every weekend. Los Angeles County also offers e-waste drop-off at local neighborhood S.A.F.E. centers every weekend. 

If you have a lot of e-waste to dispose of, say an office full of old computers and computer monitors, call Green Clean Junk Removal Services. We are one of the few junk removal companies that intakes e-waste for you. We ensure all e-waste is recycled or disposed of properly.

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