William Shakespeare, Hoarder?

William Shakespeare, Hoarder?

William Shakespeare, Hoarder?

According to a new study by Dr Jayne Archer, Professor Richard Marggraf Turley and Professor Howard Thomas at Aberystwyth University. 

From the Telegraph:

However, a new study has found that he was repeatedly prosecuted and fined for illegally hoarding food, and threatened with jail for failing to pay his taxes… Court and tax records show that over a 15-year period Shakespeare purchased grain, malt and barley to store and resell for inflated price.

Obviously William Shakespeare wasn’t a food hoarder in the modern sense of the term. Instead he was (or at least might have been since everything we know about Shakespeare is so murky) more of a famine profiteer.

In our modern parlance, food hoarding is a serious  mental condition where people will hoard food and refuse to throw it away, even if that food is rotten and needs to be thrown away. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from a hoarding disorder seek help  immediately. Green Clean Junk Removal Services provides help for hoarders and those that are tasked with clean up after a hoarder.


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