4 Things You Should Never Hang On To

4 Things You Should Never Hang On To

4 Things You Should Never Hang On To

Life is all about choices. There are things we choose to keep for years, and there are things we choose to throw out (and a few things  we bought and should have never kept). But there are five things you really don’t need anymore and don’t need to hang on.

1. CDs and DVDs 

OK, I will just jump into the fray with the most controversial item on my list first: physical media. You don’t really need that CD collection or that DVD collection.

For better or for worse we just don’t need those plastic discs anymore. All of our music is in the cloud. Netflix and Amazon Prime have a wide assortment of movies and t.v. shows, and what you can’t find on Netflix you can usually find on iTunes. Another advantage to going all digital with your media is that digital media allows you to take a movie or t.v. show or album with you.

Remember you can’t play a DVD on your iPad

2. Duplicate Dishes

Does a single guy in a city like Los Angeles need ten coffee cups, twenty plates (none of them that match), a set of margarita glasses, two sets of hurricane glasses, and a half dozen mismatched salad plates? No, I don’t. But some how I have all that and more stuffed in my kitchen cupboards.

Don’t be like me (as tempting as that is). Get rid of duplicate dishes and pare down to the dish ware you need. 

3. Fad Appliances

Yes, yes there was a time and a place where we all thought Aunt Jeanie’s Cupcake Maker was the greatest idea since the counter top rotisserie machine, but that time has long past. There is no shame in buying fad appliances; we all do it and some times they actually get used (my George Foreman Grill got me through my twenties), but more often than not the Cupcake Maker goes in a pile with the egg cooker and the electric can opener. 

4. Clothes from College and High School

Yeah, you’re not going to fit into those Levis from high school, and no you’re never going to wear that stained t-shirt that you wore all through out junior year history class again. Time to say goodbye to your youth and the clothes of your childhood. 

Life gets a lot easier when you simplify your life and stop hanging on to stuff you don’t need. And if you need to get rid of some of that junk call Green Clean Junk Removal Services

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