Getting ready for Summer

Getting ready for Summer

Getting ready for Summer

Are you ready for the Summertime? Well we here at Green Clean Junk Removal have your back if your truly unprepared for your coming Summer months. Now is the time to start planning your decor and getting rid of some of the items you no longer need in your household. That pile of leaves that has stayed in the same spot should finally be properly disposed of. That old play set your grown kids no longer play with? That should be hauled away from your backyard as well. Here are some tips to help bring the summer vibe into your residence or commercial building.

1. Air Conditioner Tune Up- We all take this piece of equipment for granted until that super hot summer day when it decides to break down. That, or when we get the latest electricity bill! Well now is the time to have a professional come out and inspect it and give you tips on how to conserve energy and money in your wallet as well!

2. Clean your Fan Blades- For those of us that have ceiling fans or portables, now is the time to remove those dust bunnies. Having dust build up on top of dust is never healthy or wise for anyone to breathe in on a daily basis.

3. Clean & Replace Filters- Just like changing the lint trap on your dryer you should also regularly change out the filters and clean the vents on your cooling and heating system.

4. Add Window Shading- An easy and cost effective way to keep your home cool indoors is to dress up your windows with shading materials. You can find this material inexpensively at your local arts & crafts store and cut to your liking and style.

5. Don’t use the Oven- Thing of cool and refreshing Lunch and Dinner ideas instead if turning on that oven! Or better yet, crank out the grill and have some cool Summer grilling time outdoors!

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