5 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Backyard for Summer

5 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Backyard for Summer

5 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Backyard for Summer

Here are some simple and easy tips to help you get your backyard ready for the summer. 

1. Get Rid of Old Junk

Look around your backyard. Still have that old swing set and jungle gym from 1984 when your kids were two? How about that old gas grill that doesn’t work? Oh, and don’t forget about that lawn furniture you left out for two winters in a row. Nothing ruins the attractiveness of a backyard like worn junk.

Get rid of it. You can call a junk removal service like Green Clean Junk Removal Services to haul away your old junk. You can also donate items that are still in good condition to charity, especially play sets like swings or jungle gyms. 

2. Haul Away Yard Debris

Winter and spring can wreck your backyard. When I was a child my Dad and I would spend two Summer weekends hauling away trees that had either buckle under the weight of an Indiana winter, or that had snapped in during the spring thunderstorms. 

Even in the relatively calm climate of Los Angeles I’ve found myself racking up leaves, yanking up weeds, and hauling away tree limbs that have snapped during one of L.A.’s famous Santa Ana Winds. Luckily, most yard waste can be repurposed into compost. 

3. Add Some New Plants

Is the backyard looking a bit dull? Go buy some new plants to spruce up your surroundings. Plant a garden; mix in some vegetables that will grow in your climate and some flowers. There is nothing quite as good as eating a tomato or cucumber you’ve grown yourself.

4. Mow

Ah, yes, everyone’s favorite task. But mowing really isn’t that bad, especially if you have a relatively small backyard. Remember to mow in straight lines and overlap as you mow. Also remember to beat the heat. Mow early in the morning instead of middle of the afternoon.

5. Bring Out the Furniture

Time to enjoy your backyard. Bring out the lawn furniture and the grill. Need new furniture? A clean backyard is a great excuse to buy the patio furniture you’ve always wanted. Make sure you store your lawn furniture correctly after Summer is done to ensure it has a long life.

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