5 Tips for Cleaning Out Your Kitchen

5 Tips for Cleaning Out Your Kitchen

5 Tips for Cleaning Out Your Kitchen

Do you need to hire a junk removal company like Green Clean Junk Removal Services to clean up your kitchen? Nah. We can certainly help you haul away junk but when it comes to kitchens all you need is a bit of time and a lot of elbow grease to make them sparkle.

1. Clean Out the Cupboards

I generally start with the cupboards that hold dry foods and spices. No doubt you will find year old rice, flour, beans, and an array of spices. Anything that has an expiration date and is past its expiration date toss in the garbage. Anything that you feel is suspicious toss in the garbage. Make sure anything your keeping is sealed in bags or airtight containers, and is of course bug free.

Then its time to tackle the cupboards that hold the dishes and glasses. Take the time to sort out the dishes and silverware you are keeping from the orphan dishes you don’t need or use anymore. You don’t necessarily need to toss these dishes in the garbage. If they are in good repair take them to a local Goodwill and donate them.

2. Clean Out the Refrigerator and Freezer

Did you just scream a bit when you thought about cleaning out the refrigerator? It’s okay. But this is a task that must be done. Remember a key rule here: When in doubt, dump it. Better safe than huddle in the corner with food poisoning. Once your refrigerator is completely emptied out, pull the drawers and racks and wash them too. Avoid using chemical cleaners. Hot water, soap, and a touch of bleach is all you need.

3. Organize Your Cookware

Instead of shoving all your pots and pans back into a cupboard get a rack and hang your pots from a ceiling rack. Get a magnetic strip to mount your knives on. Not only does this saves space, it looks cool. Don’t you want to look cool in the kitchen?

4. Get Your Knives Sharpened

This is often overlooked or never talked about item when it comes to cleaning and sprucing up your kitchen is your knives. As any good chef will tell you you are only as good as your knives. Collect up all your knives and take them to a professional knife sharpener. 

5. Scrub like a Scullery Maid

Now comes the unpleasant part — time to scrub the kitchen. I really don’t have advice for you when it comes to this step. You just have to dig in and do it and don’t stop until you can eat off the floor. But don’t actually eat off the floor because you are going to gave to clean it again if you do that. 

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