Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach 400 PPM

Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach 400 PPM

Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach 400 PPM

On May 9, 2013 carbon dioxide levels were at the highest levels ever in record human history, according to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. Carbon dioxide levels crossed the 400ppm barrier, singling a dangerous precedent in our battle with climate change. Carbon dioxide levels are increasing at a steady pace and we are doing nothing to slow or stop the pace of CO2 emissions.

The Earth is warming up, climate is beginning to shift, and humanity is the direct cause. Unless we collectively and globally begin to radically reduce our carbon dioxide emissions the world we leave to our children and our grandchildren will be vastly different and vastly worse than the world we currently live in. 

Green Clean Junk Removal is committed to preserving our environment for the generations yet to come. This is why we’re a junk removal service that is committed to achieving a 95% recycle rate for all trash, junk, and garbage we collect by 2014. Green Clean Junk Removal Services also plans to replace all our gasoline and diesel burning trucks with green fuel source trucks by 2016. In the meantime, Green Clean Junk Removal Services is taking steps to limit emissions from our truck fleet with proper maintenance and care.

Our commitment to the environment is one more reason we hope you choose Green Clean Junk Removal Services. Climate change cannot be stopped by one person, or one company, or even one country. A commitment to change, a commitment to a greener planet, and a commitment to a more environmentally sound view of life will take all of us. 

Green Clean Junk Removal Services stands ready to help.

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