Mother’s Day Cleaning Tips

Mother’s Day Cleaning Tips

Mother’s Day Cleaning Tips

Mother’s Day is almost upon us. Green Clean Junk Removal Services is of course offering $30 off a full truck junk removal for Mother’s Day, but here are a few tips if you want to help your Mom clean up for Mother’s Day. 

1. Organize Properly

I recently helped clean out my best friend’s Mom’s garage. Actually it wasn’t much of a clean out. We achieved most of our clean up goals by organizing and installing shelving around the garage. We then unpacked all the boxes laying around the garage and put almost everything on the shelves. Mostly we just ended up throwing away a lot of boxes that weren’t needed. The proper use of organizing systems, like shelves, can free up a ton of space you didn’t even know you had.

2. Time to Say Goodbye To Your Childhood

If you want to help your Mom reduce clutter and clean up its time to look at all the stuff you still have at your Mom’s house. Don’t lie. We all have boxes and boxes of old toys, comic books, and assorted stuff from kindergarten through high school. Do your Mom a favor and get rid of your old stuff so she won’t have to. Besides, your nieces and nephews will get way more use out of your Star Wars toys than you will.

3. Help Your Mom Clean Up Her Yard

Backyards and front yards are hard to maintain. So do something nice for your Mom. Mow her lawn and clean up her yard. You can recycle most of the yard waste you clean up and bring a smile to your Mom’s face.

Your Mom spent a better part of a lifetime cleaning up after you. So do something nice for your Mom and help her clean up.

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