Do I Need This? Probably Not

Do I Need This? Probably Not

Do I Need This? Probably Not

“Do I need this? Or do I just want this?” 

This is a question we ask people to ask themselves all the time. When Green Clean Junk Removal professionals are called in to help declutter a client’s home we also try to offer them organizing advice to help them stay organized. One of the things we tell our clients is when you buy something ask yourself, Do you really need this? The answer is probably no.

Need and want are funny things. Even in a modern world we actually need very little. If you think about it our needs today are pretty much the same as they were in paleolithic times. Food, shelter, clothing, and companionship.

But modern life oftentimes turns wants into needs.

We convince ourselves we need something.I need that leather jacket, and that set of handmade dishes with the artisan glass bubbles, and those $400 shoes, and that juicer I don’t use.  

No, you don’t.

Advertising convinces us that we need thing something. I need those shoes to be like Mike, I need that car to look cool, I need that table top grill to make my life better, and I need a robot vacuum cleaner to make my life easier

No, you don’t.

You really don’t need sixty percent of the things you think you need. You just want them. Then when you get them you discover you have no practical use for them. 

 Learn to want less, and live more. So when you are shopping ask yourself, Do I need this? Will I use this? What am I willing to throw away  to make space for this? If the answer is no, than don’t buy it.

If you need help decluttering call Green Clean Junk Removal Services today and talk to one of our friendly junk removal specialists for advice.

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