Getting Rid of Old Furniture and Electronics

Getting Rid of Old Furniture and Electronics

How exactly do you get rid of old furniture, mattresses, and electronics like televisions and computer monitors? Too often the solution involves hauling the offending junk to the curb and leaving it for scavengers, or for the city to haul away. Drive down any street in Hollywood or Los Angeles and you are liable to see an old television or an old couch sitting on the curb.

Looking at junk lining the curbs and streets of Los Angeles makes everyone at Green Clean Junk Removal Services angry.  Not only does curbside junk drive down the quality of life of everyone in Los Angeles, curbside junk is also terrible for the environment. Televisions often contain components that are toxic to the environment, animals, and pets.

So the next time you need to get rid of bulky items like televisions or couches, don’t be part of the problem and just leave it on the curb. Instead be part of the solution and call Green Clean Junk Removal to haul away your large, hard to dispose of items.

It is the socially responsible thing to do!

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