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Green Clean Junk Removal in Arleta, CA are experts in exterior, commercial and interior Junk Removal! We take pride in being diversified in our services. We own our own equipment and have large heavy duty dumps trucks and other equipment to get your Junk Removal project done efficiently. Our goal is to provide more to our customers. Providing dumpster’s for Junk Removal projects from a kitchen remodel or construction sites sets us apart in the SFV area.

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Arleta, CA

Arleta City News

Arleta, California is a suburb nestled between Mission Hills, and North Hills, and Sun Valley, California. Arleta was founded in the late 1960s as its own community away from the bustle of Los Angeles. Arleta has strict rules about junk and trash removal. Arleta is known as a quiet retreat for the famous and not so famous, so they expect their city to be kept clean and neat. Junk removal services play a key part of keeping Arleta junk free.

Junk removal services help the citizens of Arleta keep their quite hideaway of a town junk free. Those who do not remove trash and junk from their yards face stiff fines by the city. Recent studies show that about 30% of homes and businesses in Arleta will require junk removal and rubbish removal services at some point.

Instead of tackling the daunting task of junk removal and trash removal themselves, the citizens of Arleta turn to junk removal services for trash removal, rubbish removal, backyard clean outs, and garage clean outs on a weekly basis. Garage clean outs have proven to be one of the most popular of these services. Very few people want to tackle cleaning out a garage by them selves so in comes a junk removal service to turn that garage from a storage bin of useless junk into a functional, useful space. Garage clean out often go hand in hand with other services like trash removal and household junk removal, because it’s easier to clean out the garage, the basement, and that back room all at once.

Arleta residents also rely quite heavily on junk removal services for bulky item pick up. Arleta residents cannot easily dispose of bulky items, like water heaters, themselves, so in these cases they frequently call a junk removal service to haul away bulky items.