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Welcome to Green Clean Junk Removal Tarzana, CA, where we believe in taking great care of our customers. We offer comprehensive estimates for your convenience, and with our affordable low prices, you’ll be amazed at how affordable Green Clean Junk Removal Tarzana, CA service can be. When you choose our professionals, you’ll know you’re getting a fair price for quality trash removal, junk car removal, or tree removal service. Don’t just think you’re getting great value you’re saving big when you have us on your side plus helping the environment..


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What We Offer

For Home

    • Household Junk Removal
    • Furniture Removal
    • Appliance Removal
    • Mattress Removal
    • Garbage Removal
    • Trash Removal
    • Garage Clean Out
    • Backyard Clean Out

    For Business

    • Commercial Junk Removal
    • E-Waste Recycling
    • Computer Monitor Disposal
    • Office Clean Outs
    • Construction Debris Hauling
    • Hauling Services
    • Bobcat Services
    • Event Trash Pick Up

    How It Works

    Green Clean Junk Removal Services provides junk removal and hauling services to every part of Tarzana, California. We provide fast service, professional drivers, and affordable rates. Green Clean Junk Removal Services does all the work. All you have to do is point.

    When you call 888-347-2851 you’ll receive a free phone estimate based on the amount of junk you need hauled away. Our friendly customer service staff will set you up with an appointment. Green Clean Junk Removal Services will dispatch a truck to your location and our junk haulers will haul away all your unwanted junk.

    Easy. Simple. Fast. Affordable.

    That is Green Clean Junk Removal Services.


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    Tarzana City News

    Tarzana, California is located in the San Fernando Valley. As many already know Tarzana is a residential community located on a tract of ranch land that used to be owned by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author of the Tarzan novels, and is named in honor of Burroughs and his Tarzan novels. Today Tarzana is an upscale, mostly residential community. The residents of Tarzana rely on junk removal services to keep their neighborhood clean and well maintained.

    Tarzana, along with both the city of Los Angeles and the county of Los Angeles, has strict rules about junk in backyards, front yards, and junk stored in garages or houses. No one enjoys looking at a messy backyard. A backyard cluttered with junk and rubbish is an eyesore that can attract fines from both the city and county. Junk removal services specialize in backyard clean out. Using a junk removal service to eliminate backyard junk and rubbish makes a backyard more attractive, and avoids costly code violation fines.

    Homeowners in Tarzana can also take advantage of house junk removal services to reduce or eliminate the clutter collected in their houses. Household junk removal services in Tarzana are specially trained to remove household junk and rubbish.

    After the backyard and the house, another trouble spot for homeowners is the garage. Garages meant to store cars end up storing junk and rubbish that no one wants anymore. Junk removal services take the pain out of garage cleaning. A junk removal specialist can clean out a garage in a matter of hours, leaving homeowners with an organized and empty garage.

    Junk removal services in Tarzana can also help with trash removal, trash pick, and trash hauling. For contractors and do-it-yourselfers junk removal services have construction debris hauling and removal services.