Music Hoarding

Music Hoarding

On the spectrum of hoarding disorders music hoarding is probably one of the more innocuous hoarding problems. I know personally my iTunes collection is 500 gigs worth of gold mixed with … a lot of interesting mistakes and the misanthropic brooding of a 16 year old (hey, everyone has a metal phase).  My CD collection used to be even worse before I went all digital. I don’t listen to half my music collection in a year but I can’t seem to ever delete an MP3. What if I really want to listen to the Best of Elvis like one day? 

NPR has some practical advice for the CD and Music hoarders in our lives:

 Sift through your collection with the most unsentimental eye you can muster, ask yourself if you can imagine ever listening to a given item over all the other available choices, and lose what doesn’t pass that test.

More to the point, think about the age we live in: With the exception of obvious rarities you’d never part with anyway, most everything in a given CD collection is eminently replaceable, whether physically or digitally. If you haven’t listened to Spin Doctors’ Pocket Full of Kryptonite since it came out, I can assure you: They pressed a lot of copies of the thing, and many thousands of people are willing to part with theirs for cheap in the unlikely event you come looking for it.

 And if you need help decluttering and getting rid of household junk, call Green Junk Removal Services. Your friendly local junk removal company. We’ll help you dispose of everything. Maybe not the Spin Doctors CDs though. 

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