State of California considering a plastic bag ban

State of California considering a plastic bag ban

In an effort to reduce garbage and preserve vital resources the California State Assembly is making yet another move towards a complete ban on single use plastic bags across the state. This effort would match similar plastic bag bans in various California cities.

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A bill for a statewide ban on single-use plastic shopping bags is up for consideration, backed by Los Angeles-based state senator Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima).

SB 405 “would phase out single-use plastic bags in California grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, and pharmacies,” according to Padilla.

“SB 405 will help protect our environment by phasing out single-use plastic bags in California. Single-use plastic bags fill our landfills, clog inland waterways, litter our coastline, and kill thousands of fish, marine mammals and seabirds,” said Senator Alex Padilla in a release posted to his site.

If passed, the ban would take effect January 1, 2015 at grocery stores and pharmacies. In July 2016, convenience stores and liquor stores would be required to meet the same standard. SB 405 would not pre-empt local ordinances already in place governing limitations on single-use plastic bags.

The proposed legislation made progress Wednesday, when the Senate Environmental Quality Committee today approved the bill. The bill remains pending in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

I’ve long been a big proponent of using reusable grocery bags to limit trash and clutter. Using reusable grocery bag also help protect our natural resources and limit our oil consumption. So if you haven’t invested in reusable grocery bags yet, time to do so. 


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