Small Things Make a Big Difference

Small Things Make a Big Difference

Small Things Make a Big Difference

This is one of my favorite blog posts. So I am bringing it back.  

Green Clean Junk Removal Services isn’t just a trash removal company, we all share a passion for reducing the amount of trash we remove. Each and every one of Green Clean Junk Removal Services would love to collect less garbage, trash, and junk. Less trash means a cleaner and better planet for all of us.

When it comes to reducing our trash we should all think small. In my case, I looked in the bathroom and then looked in the mirror. I found one small thing I could change that would reduce my yearly expenses and cut my yearly trash output out drastically. Razors.


I said, razors.

Like everyone else I know I shaved with those super-expensive disposable razor blades. I’d go through about four to five a month. I’d also burn through a can of shaving cream every five weeks. Think about the amount of trash that generates per year. Then think about how much trash that generates over ten or twenty years. Plastic housings, dull metal, and dozens of aerosol cans. And all of it completely unnecessary. 

Men have been shaving for thousands of years (unless those busts of the Emperors were wrong, they weren’t a lot of scruffy Romans running around) and up until fifty years ago we shaved in a way that didn’t generate 100s of plastic cartridges in the garbage every year. Turns out all you need for a good shave is a sharp blade, a nice brush, and lathering soap. 

This desire to stop consuming convenience and instead return to traditional ways made me seek out the art of the wet shave. I dumped my disposable razor and took up a safety razor instead. I said goodbye to my aerosol propelled shaving gels in favor of a badger brush and a lathering shave soap.

You know how much garbage my shaving repertoire generates now? One blade every couple of weeks. And that blade is biodegradable. Oh, and I get a better shave than I ever got from disposable razors.

So if you want to reduce your garbage and trash output think small. Look at the things you do every day and say, Is there a way I could do this differently? Chances are the answer is Yes, and that way of doing something may also have the benefit of being a better way of doing something.

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