Where and How to Start Spring Cleaning

Where and How to Start Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is on the agenda for just about everyone in some form or fashion. So where should you start your Spring Cleaning efforts? 

The closet is a great place to start your spring cleaning. Chances are you are only wearing about a quarter of what is in your closet. Chances are the rest of your closet is filled with clothes that don’t fit, are out of fashion, or are worn out. So devote a weekend to pairing down your wardrobe and donating the clothes you don’t need to a good charity.

The basement and garage are another hotspot that accumulates junk and garbage. Chances are you’ve got a lot of things piling up in your garage that you don’t need. Start at the edges of your garage and make three piles of junk in your driveway: Keep, Throw Away / Recycle, and Donate. Your throw away and donate piles should be larger than your keep piles or your not really accomplishing much of anything.

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