The Perils of Backyard Junk

The Perils of Backyard Junk

Green Clean Junk Removal handles just about any type of clean out. We clean out houses, garages, storage units, and when spring rolls around our backyard clean out services proves to be one of the most popular clean out services. For whatever reason backyards turn into junk storage bins faster than almost any other area of the house. And sooner or later that junk filled backyard turns into a junk filled nightmare.

This last Monday we completed a backyard clean out for home in Santa Clarita. In the homeowner’s defense it wasn’t her junk. She had called Green Clean Junk Removal to help her clean up a recent foreclosure she had bought. Green Clean Junk Removal hauled away about two truck loads from her backyard alone. Leftover wood construction debris, a rusty swing set, and a couple barrels of trash. After we finished our backyard clean out our client thanked us profusely for helping her get rid of all that junk and making a her new backyard a safe area for her kids to play.

That is really what we do at Green Clean Junk Removal Services. We help people live better, happier and cleaner lives. 


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